Sweet Dreams – Decaf

Sweet Dreams – Decaf


…slightly acidic brew without the caffeine kick…

Available in 12oz Ground Coffee or Single Serve Cups

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Our most popular Decaf! A dark roasted blend of our finest decafs, roasted just long enough to bring the oils to the surface of the beans creating a very rich, full bodied, slightly acidic brew without the caffeine kick. Enjoy this just before bed, or anytime you need the “coffee” fix, not the “caffeine” fix. This blend was first brewed over 15 years ago and has been enjoyed all over the world. Try some today!
Roast: Dark
Origin: Kenya, Sumatra, Columbia
Strength: Strong

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Weight 1.05 lbs
Single Serve or Grind (12 oz)

Ground Coffee: Auto Drip, Ground Coffee: Espresso, Ground Coffee: French Press, Single Serve Cups (32 Cups), Whole Bean


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