Colombia Supremo

Colombia Supremo


…medium body, moderate acidity, notes of fruits, chocolate and caramel…

Available in 12oz Ground Coffee or Single Serve Cups

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Colombia is the second-largest producer of coffee in the world and the largest producer of washed Arabica. It exports approximately 12.5 million bags annually—about 50 percent of that to the United States—and consumes about 2 million bags within its borders.

Colombia is also unique in that—thanks to its size and varieties of terrains and microclimates—at every time the year, some part of the country is producing coffee.

Supremo vs. Excelso

Colombia Supremo refers to the largest size of beans from Colombia. Supremo is a screen size of 17 or 18 and is slightly larger than the Excelso distinction.

Supremo and Excelso beans may be harvested from the same tree at the same time and later sorted by size, though that’s not the only difference between them. Excelso beans are also processed in the European Preparation (EP) style, a quality signifier that allows for a very low number of permissible defects.

Single-Region Supremo

Our Colombia Supremo is sourced from a single region. What’s consistent every time is the cup profile that each regional blend is designed to meet: balanced and smooth with notes of fruit, chocolate and caramel, a medium body, a bright acidity and a pleasant, clean aftertaste.

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Weight .75 lbs
Single Serve or Grind (12 oz)

Ground Coffee: Auto Drip, Ground Coffee: Espresso, Ground Coffee: French Press, Single Serve Cups (32 Cups), Whole Bean


Decaf, Regular


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